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All You Need To Know

What to Bring

Weather on the water can be unpredictable, even on hot days, temperatures can vary due to clouds, rain & sea breeze. Always make sure to bring layers to add if you need to. 

*Bathing suite // Cover Up // Towels

*Light colored and weight clothing to protect skin from the sun & reflect sun in hot weather.

* Sandals / Flip Flops / Water Shoes

* Sun block / Lip Balm

* Polarized Sunglasses

* Tight fitting hats or sun hats with strings

*Cooler with food, water & beverages

*Ponchos / Rain Jackets

* Waterproof Bag // Carrying Bag

*Charging devise for phones

Items may be damaged in with sea salt spray and / or rain while on the water. Boat Rentals of Tampa Bay is not responsible for damage of any items brought onto our boats.


We suggest you bring any medications that you might need for the day on the water. This will help you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

* Bug Spray

* First Aid Kit

* Seasickness Medicine

* Hand Sanitizer

What NOT to Bring

US Coast Guard and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation (FWC) prohibit

certain items on chartered vessels as well as Boat Rentals of Tampa Bay

not permitting the following items...

* Illegal Drugs - no types of narcotics, controlled substances, contraband or illegal substances are permitted. We have a zero policy for these items as well as the driver of the boat must be able to blow a 0.0 blood alcohol breathalyzer at all times. 

* Cigarette or Cigar Smoking prohibited while on the boat.

* Propane / Portable Grills prohibited. 

* Dogs / Pets Prohibited 

* Bananas are bad luck aboard boats.

* Glass bottles prohibited to minimize the risk of injury in the event of breakage.

Weather Policy

Weather in Florida, especially on the water, can change quickly. Please be aware of the weather forecast when booking. All bookings will be based off of the weather predicted the day prior for the rental date and we will reschedule if necessary. If rain is anticipated and you still would like to go out, the time on the water that day will be what the weather allows. We will not send out boats with bad storms, high winds or any extreme weather, as we want your experience to be amazing! Pro-rating is only available for multi-day rentals that are affected by severe weather during the rental period.

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